Alan Dershowitz reveals the Democrats’ biggest mistake

by Leah Rosenberg

Alan Dershowitz calls out those who are wrong, even people within his own political party. Listening to him with Raheel Raza in this segment is a must!

Alan Dershowitz Has it Right

Alan Dershowitz is well thought out. When he speaks, he is knowledgeable and wants to share the truth. Although he identifies himself as a Democrat, he will still criticize the Democratic Party if they are doing something that requires condemnation. And in this case, they are. The antisemitism in the Democratic Party is rampant. True, the party itself is not antisemitic, as Dershowitz points out. But too many in the party are. And he is fearful that the party will become like the Labour Party in the UK. That is surely not something to be proud of.

Raheel Raza

Raheel Raza is a Muslim reformist. It is amazing to hear her speak. She is a practicing Muslim herself, but she is ashamed of the first Muslim women who were elected to Congress. It could have been something great, but it is not. And like Dershowitz, Raza is not afraid to criticize her own if there is something to criticize. And in this case, there most definitely is.

The Antisemitism

Muslims Like Raheel Raza see it. Democrats like Alan Dershowitz see it. The antisemitism in the Democratic Party has become out of control. Even the statistics say something startling about the growing antisemitism. 42% of voters think it is an issue. Only 35% disagree completely. Raza and Dershowitz see the problem, do you?

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