The unexpected journey to Israel in May 1948

by Chaya Cikk

A story of an unexpected journey by a young woman named Muriel Arens. Muriel decided to leave everything behind and come to Israel.

An Unexpected Journey

Everyone has their own special journey of how they made it to the Holy Land. As someone who immigrated to Israel, friends are always asking me how I came here or why I chose to live here.

Nowadays, when people make aliyah there are cell phones and Face Time to stay in touch with family and friends who we leave behind. Back in 1948 this was not the case. A phone call back home was a rarity.

People did not come on planes either. Anyone who wanted to come to Israel came by boat. The journey took days or maybe even weeks. It was no easy task traveling by sea and as a result, many people became sick.

Muriel Arens

This is a specific story of an unexpected journey of a woman called Muriel Arens. Muriel left everything in America to come to Palestine. She left behind family, a place in University and much more in order to help with the fight for Israel.

People around the world knew that the British were leaving Palestine in May 1948. Everyone was unsure of what would happen next. Additionally, many knew that if Israel was declared a State its Arab neighbors would attack. The Jews in Palestine were preparing for war.

Muriel came because she was a Zionist. She believed that there should be a state of Israel. A homeland for the Jewish People.

Finally, there is a connection that we have to the land of Israel. A love that can not be explained. I, personally, love living here and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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