Iranian villagers cheer as they use mock missiles to bomb Capitol Hill

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen to the chants of “Death to America!” as Iranians pretend to bomb Capitol Hill. Women and children were present. What a disturbing event!

Iranians “Bombing” Capitol Hill

What do these Iranian villagers do on their free time? They pretend to bomb Capitol Hill by using mock missiles on a zip-line. They hate America, democracy, and the Western World so much that even a simulation of a bombing thrills them. If these Iranians only used this time to educate their children about peace, things could be different. And of course, it is not just these Iranians who support destroying America. Top Iranian officials applaud such actions. If Iran’s leaders are not condemning the use of mock missiles to bomb Capitol Hill, then how can things change?

The Difference in Culture

Take a look at the difference in culture in the world of radical Muslims like the Iranian regime versus America and the West. Iran is teaching hate and destruction – so much so that they literally practice those beliefs. America and the West teach peace and love. They teach that it IS possible to have peace, and they try to work toward that goal. You don’t see Americans do what these Iranians are doing. And if they did, there would be severe consequences. America’s leaders do not support violence. But Iran’s leaders do.

Is it possible for there to be peace in the near future?

Arab Incitement
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