3 Day Old Baby from Terror Shooting Attack Dies of Wounds

by Avi Abelow

The baby, delivered 10 week’s early because his pregnant mother was shot in the terror shooting outside Ofra, has died. He was murdered by the genocidal culture called “palestine”, a fake nation invented to destroy Israel and murder Jews. Such a horrible tragedy and so very sad. This little 3 day old child did not yet get to live and his parents, a young married couple, now have to deal with this horrendous tragedy. All because the world excuses a genocidal culture called “palestine” to kill Jews, and doesn’t let Israel defend herself against this hatred culture that educates their little children to kill Jews.

The doctor who treated the infant, who passed away after battling to survive a terror shooting attack, pronounced the baby dead. “The infant passed away enveloped in his family’s love. We want to wish upon the State of Israel only good news here on in.”

The funeral of the baby

Hours after being prounounced dead, the baby was buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Thousands attended the funeral.

In Jewish tradition, newly born borns are only named on the eighth day after they are born, when they have the traditional circumsion ceremony. Since this baby was delivered by c-section, 10 weeks early, to try to save his life, he did not have a name. However, once the baby was prounounced dead, his parents, still hospitalized themselves from the terror shooting attack, officially gave him a name. They named him Amiad Yisrael. Those two names together, AmiAd Yisrael, is Hebrew for “my nation Israel is foroever”. You can hear the faith and strength of the family that this family comes from. They understand that with their tremendous sadness for the loss of their little baby, they still know that he represents the eternal nature of the Jewish people. That no matter how much our enemies try to destroy us and take our homeland away from us, they will fail, because the Jewish people are eternal and we are now back home in Israel where we belong.

How fitting that they bury their baby on the Mount of Olives, the 3,000+ year old Jewish cemetary in Jerusalem, the oldest in the world. The Mount of Olives is the best proof that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people, yet the world claims that it belongs to the Arabs because it is “East Jerusalem”. Amiad Yisrael’s short life will not be in vain. We will continue to strengthen our people and our presence in our homeland in his memory.

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