“Palestinian” Arab killed for selling land to Jews

by Phil Schneider

The Palestinian Authority has many racist “laws” that it implements.  One of them is that any Arab who is “caught” in a sale of land to Jews deserves the death penalty.  Get that?

The people who the State of Israel is supposed to have a peaceful resolution with have a law that says that anyone who does real estate business with Jews deserves to die.  It’s time for the world to wake up and smell the coffee.  Israel has neighbors that are as primitive, racist, and backward as some of the worst dictatorships in the world.  You don’t make peace with them.  You defeat them.

Not Just Idle Threats

Ahmed Salama was killed by Arabs.  His crime?  He assisted in a sale of land to Jews.  This is not an isolated incident.  It has happened many times before.  It is true that it is tough to be an Arab in the State of Israel.  It’s tough because of the Arabs who terrorize their own brethren.

The Arab leadership throughout the entire Middle East has proven countless times that they don’t care much about their constituents. Democracy is not a central value of the Arabs in the Middle East.  It’s not even a minor value.  The Arabs don’t have any solid history of democracy.  What matters more to them are values such as power, tradition, and religion.  That is why it is so ridiculous when Westerners fight for the voting rights of Arabs in Israel as if they are joining in a real fight for democracy.  The Arabs have never claimed to want more democracy.  They want a racially cleansed Arab theocracy.  They have consistently claimed that they want no Jew anywhere in the Land of Israel.

BDS is Anti-Democracy

The BDS movement is the loud and boisterous support base for the Arab movement to kick the Jews out of the Land of Israel.  “From the River to the Sea” means – no Jews, just Arabs in the entire Land of Israel.  The BDS protesters are either anti-democratic or thoroughly confused about the facts.

Israel affords the right to vote to more than a million Arabs who live in pre-1967 Israel.  To the other Arabs, Israel affords top-notch medical care and freedom from neighboring tyrants like Assad in Syria and ISIS.  Yes, it’s true, these Arabs cannot vote in the Israeli Knesset.  That would be suicidal for Israel.  But the Arabs don’t want that anyway.  So, it’s actually not a “real” issue in Israel.   It’s only a fake BDS issue outside of Israel.

Positive Demographics

There are no simple solutions to the complexities of the Middle East.  That’s OK.  The status quo is sustainable – no matter what people say.  Time is on Israel’s side.  First off, as anti-semitism rears its head in England, France and other countries, continued Jewish immigration to Israel will continue.  Secondly, more Arab women are having less children, and more Jewish women are having more children in Israel.  Most important, there are now more options for Arabs to immigrate and leave Israel.  Europe has foolishly opened their doors wide and many Arabs see a brighter future there.

If Israel sticks to their guns and just kicks out terrorists and their families, there should be no major problems for Israel in the future years.





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