Terrorist guns down Christmas Shoppers in Strasbourg

by Phil Schneider

An Islamist terrorist killed at least 5  Christmas shoppers and wounded many more in a popular Christmas shopping destination.

The city of Strasbourg was under lockdown as hundreds of police search for the suspect.  The known terrorist – not criminal – is clearly driven by ideology.  He is a Muslim.

This led the interior minister, Christophe Castaner, to declare that, “The government had raised the risk level to the highest category.”

The crime of the victims was that they shopped for Christmas gifts.  That is now a dangerous activity in France.

Open Borders Leads to Terrorism

This is the result of open immigration policies in France over the last few decades.  It is not only about Muslim terror.  Any policy which allows a free flow of people into a country will deal with the negative ramifications for generations.

So, how does one keep the problematic elements out.  A fence.  A wall, or whatever works.  but, it is crystal clear today that nearly all of Europe is now a danger zone for the worldwide terror that has spread from other parts of the world.

Just A Few

Often people mistakenly think that it takes masses of dangerous criminals or problematic people to ruin things.  It does not.  The World Trade Center was felled by a small band of well-trained terrorists.

The key is to separate out the dangerous people from the very dangerous people.  This is a big challenge for law enforcement.  The very dangerous people need to be caught beforehand and apprehended.

However, in today’s France, the police don’t have the teeth that they need to properly scare away terrorists.





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