Will There Be A Conflict Between Bibi and Biden?

by David Mark

Israel’s stunning election results was a direct repudiation of the leftwing government and its policies that controlled the State of Israel over the last year and a half.

Yet, even more than Israel’s swing to the right that the populace has been yearning for over the years, the new government will be so decidedly rightwing and religious, there may be real challenges between the Jewish State and the Biden Administration.

The rise of Itamar Ben-Gvir has already elicited a warning from the US administration and that is even before Bibi decides what ministry to give him.

“The Biden administration doesn’t have a good history of relations with Netanyahu, and if he takes on these far-right extremists into his government and into his cabinet, then I think we’re in for a rocky road,” Martin Indyk (who served as US ambassador to Israel from 1995-1997 and again from 2000-2001) said in remarks broadcast on Channel 12.

From the “palestinian” issue to Iran, there will be many issues that neither side will agree on. Given the amount of religious MKs in the potential coalition and authentic right wingers, chances are high that some sort of political confrontation will ensue.

Of course it appears that the woke-left running the Biden administration was prepared for this from the outset.

So what can Bibi do? Do what he does best, distract the American administration while his coalition partners get the job done here in Israel. If he can pull this off, then Israel may finally set itself free from the wokeism and leftist defeatism that has been plaguing Western society for the last two generations.

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