Will the most recent ceasefire with Hamas last?

by Phil Schneider

Has there ever been a ceasefire with the Hamas that has ever lasted? Yes. More than a few years? No. The impossible situation in Israel’s south was created by the Israeli government in the year 2005. Until then, things were not good, but they were manageable. The Israeli government, on its own volition, gave away a strategically important strip of settlements in the Gaza Strip in order to somehow improve the geo-political situation of Israel. This was one of the worst mistakes of the Israeli government in it’s 70 year history.

Within a few years, not only all of Israel’s south was within firing range of the place where these settlements were located, but the actual locations of the settlements were turned into the launching pads. It was a double humanitarian tragedy. The lives of around 1,800 Israeli families that were uprooted were turned upside down, and then the lives of tens of thousands of families became an occasional hell as they had to rush into shelters to run away from rockets. None of this needed to happen, but Israeli politicians allowed it to happen by not bringing down the government.

The Hamas is an organization that Israel can have peace with – in one way only – when they are disarmed. There is simply no other method that has ever worked in the State of Israel. Israel does not merely need superior fire power – it needs to be the exclusive army within it’s borders. The Hamas and other splinter groups are no different than any other terrorist groups in any other country. You don’t come to agreements with them – you disarm them and bring them to their knees.

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