Black Lives Matter Anarchists “Closing Down” Restaurants in Rochester, NY

by Avi Abelow

Once again black lives matter anarchists are disrupting the lives of innocent American citizens, this time in Rochester, NY.

People just went out to enjoy a night out at local restaurants. Instead, they got harassed by the black lives matter anarchists and ran away from the restaurants. This is not what democracy is about and this is not the American way.


Do these leftist anarchists really believe that by disturbing the lives of regular joe-shmo Americans that they will generate more support for their cause?

How does burning down local bus stops in Rochester help bring justice, for anybody???

The truth is that they don’t care.

And this is the scary aspect of the leftist ideology that many people are unfamiliar with. Leftist neo-Marxist ideology is not about getting the support of the masses in order to earn a mandate to enact change, it is about creating chaos and anarchy that destroys the existing power structures of society for them to then take over and to “fix” the chaos they created.

The leftist anarchy in Portland, Chicago, St.Louis, Kenosha, now Rochester is still only the beginning.

Americans, and all freedom loving people in the West, including my fellow Israelis, must wake up to the very real dangers of the left.

They start by yelling for equality, and nice liberal causes, but they then escalate their activism to outright anarchy and destruction.

People must wake up to the dangers of the left and empower law enforcement and elected officials to stop their extremely dangerous anarchy that will harm us all.

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