CNN and MSNBC are trying to censor these Black Conservatives

by Leah Rosenberg

There are Black Conservatives in America, but if you only watch CNN and MSNBC, you would never know. These are their voices.

Black Conservatives Take Down BLM

It may be surprising if you only watch CNN and MSNBC, but there are indeed Black Conservatives! Yes, it is true. Not all Blacks are Democrats, and they want you to know that. They want their voices to be heard as well. You just haven’t heard them because the other side wants to silence them.

The radical Left does not want you to know that not all Blacks in America support the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, many do not. Many feel that BLM misrepresents them, victimizes them, and ruins the chances to fix what is actually wrong in the Black community.

BLM is Not About Helping Blacks

One man at the beginning of this video says, “I personally believe that the BLM movement is fake. It has nothing to do with advancing the lives of Black people.” He goes on to say that BLM wants to break up the family and remove the men from the picture, which is what Democrats are trying to do as well.

He is right. BLM is not about helping Blacks, and that is just so obvious. When they loot businesses, steal, kill – does that help Black people? When they ruin Black-owned businesses or harm Black policemen, does that help Black people?

More news stations need to broadcast the other side of the story. They need to share the voices of those Blacks who do not feel like America discriminates against them, who do not feel like they have less opportunity, and who do not feel underprivileged.

But the mainstream media does not care about sharing the truth or the facts. And until they do, these voices will continue to be silenced.

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