A Hasidic superstar gives the secret for de-stressing

by Leah Rosenberg

If you have never listened to Hasidic superstar Nissim Black’s music, now’s the time. He can connect anyone to something deeper.

Hasidic Singer Nissim De-Stresses

This song is about de-stressing. Nissim Black, a famous Hasidic singer, said that his song called Rerun “is a song highlighting the struggle of constantly going through issues and now finally having the wherewithal to shake them off. When one feels stress sometimes the shoulders get heavy and it starts to weigh a person down, “Rerun”, is an anthem, arousing people to “dust off” the things that prevent one from advancing.”

Even superstars like Nissim get stressed by life’s problems and look for tools to relax.

Black’s Unique Music

Nissim Black is known for his unique style of music in the Jewish world. He took his past life as a non-Jewish rapper and elevated it. He made himself and his music holy. And that is exactly what a Jew’s purpose is. The Jewish people are supposed to elevate the mundane. They are supposed to use the tools within G-d’s world and raise them up, making them spiritual.

Everyone connects to G-d in different ways. People find that spark that brings them closer to G-d and the deeper meaning of life. Nissim connects to the One Above through his music. People who are looking for something different or struggling to connect might find what they are looking for in Black’s music.

It is not the classic music people think of when they think of Jewish music. And that is exactly what makes Nissim Black so special and unique.

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