The convert’s song about God that will touch your soul

by Leah Rosenberg

Nissim Black is a convert to Judaism who found God after a long journey. He learned to incorporate his talent with Judaism.

Nissim Black

Nissim Black is extremely talented. He was a non-Jewish rapper once upon a time. But after a long journey and some soul-searching, he is now a Breslov Hasid. And he uses Jewish music to express himself. 

His song called “A Million Years” will truly inspire you.


I won’t let go. 
Even in a Million Years.
You’re there when I’m up.
You’re There when I’m down.
So I’m staying here. (x2)

It’s my hope that I know You.
My desire that I show You.
That I owe You.
Cause I was in that Klipas Nogah.
Until You came and dusted off,
and revealed my spark.
I was searching for the essence of existence
wanted to find You,
but I didn’t see an entrance.
I came from a distance
where everything was different.
I called out to You,
and You showed me that You listened.
From then we became best friends.
I gave my all to You and You showed me who I am.
I am
staying by Your side
to bask in Your light
in Your mercy I reside. 


More Lyrics

What is it I can give You.
What is it I can lift You.
When everything is Yours
every time I walk straight there’s another door
to help me achieve everything I need and more
nothing more nothing less than
going to and fro trying to hear that voice from heaven.
Your direction.
I climb,
but I fall flat like bread with no leaven.

Please come pick me up
and never ever put me down.
Give me all Your love
and bring the real me out.

And then the song ends with the chorus again.

Everyone Can Connect

Nissim Black created a song that everyone can connect to. He chose to find God without giving up his essence and his love of music. That is inspiring! 

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