The frightening return of antisemitism after the promise of “Never Again”

by Phil Schneider

For so many people, the term, “Never Again” expresses the hope, the prayer, and the firm resolve that never again will such a horrible calamity befall the Jewish people. For some people, that means that we need to build up the Jewish State in order to make sure that the Jewish people are never left to the whims or interests of other people in order to protect the Jews against anti-semites. Yet for others, it means that the Jewish people should never remain silent at the slightest hint of anti-semitism rearing it’s head. But all in all, it is clear that anti-semitism never truly goes away. It just takes small breaks in certain places for a generation or two. It always comes back. Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks explains the unique nature of anti-semitism.

Why is their Anti-Semitism

It is impossible to find one clear reason that covers the true root causes of anti-semitism. However, Rabbi Dr. Sacks does give a clear definition of anti-semitism. He explains that antisemitism means “persecuting Jews and denying them the right to exist collectively with the same rights as everyone else.” But, Jews are not persecuted for the same reason. It changes and “mutates” over time. Once it was about the Jewish religion. Once it was about the science of race. But today, the Jews are persecuted due to race.

The common denominator is that the Jews are the eternal scapegoat.

Is it just a Jewish problem?

Rabbi Sacks explains that the hate that begins with Jews does not end with Jews. Hitler did not just kill Jews. He killed millions of Poles and many thousands of gypsies. Stalin did not only kill millions of Jews. He also killed millions of Poles and Ukrainians. Today, the Muslim faith does not just threaten the Jewish people. the entire West is under attack.

Perhaps the most brilliant statement that Rabbi Sacks makes is that anti-semitism is the world’s most reliable “early warning sign” to an attack on humanity. “We must all fight it together.”

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