Democrats want to disqualify judicial nominee for religious beliefs

by Leah Rosenberg

It is shocking, but it is true. The democrats discriminate against people for religious beliefs – against a judicial nominee! That is unconstitutional.

Religious Beliefs in America

America is a free country where people are free to practice their religion, providing obviously that they are not doing anything illegal or harmful to others. But Democrats seem to discriminate. It is absurd. And it is unconstitutional. They are supposed to help run our country not hurt our country.

The Democrats want to disqualify a judicial nominee because of religious beliefs. Why is that considered okay? Why is there no uproar? Anyone who has different beliefs than democrats, whether relating to religion or in other areas, the democrats want to reject them from the government. They are not accepting of Conservatives, Catholics, and more.

But do they renounce Antisemitism?

The Democrats have focused so much on making sure that no one has religious beliefs in the government. But then when their own senators associate themselves with the worst anti-semites, they do not fight against that. They do not comment. Nor do they condemn it. They are just silent. Absurd! Democrats fight against religion but not against antisemitism? How can this be?

How do we live in a world where people who are supposed to be accepting of all are really just accepting of none? Democrats must look at themselves and change. Because right now, they are putting America at risk. They are turning America into the opposite of what it stands for. And no one should stand for that!

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