Will Putin Use Nukes?

by Micha Gefen

Ever since Vladimir Putin told the heads of his military to prepare the nuclear deterrence force the world has been on edge. Will he actually use nukes?

The answer is not simple. While it’s true the nuclear deterrence force was activated, the idea that Putin would just start a full scale nuclear war with the USA still seems improbable. Despite the rhetoric flowing from the Western media, Putin’s nuclear gambit held back NATO’s plans for a direct intervention. While there are still some talking about no-fly zones and militarized “peace-keeping” forces, a majority still has not formed.

The real risk of nuclear weapons is not the ICBM, but rather small scale tactical nuclear weapons. This is a real reality and one that needs to be taken seriously.

Putin may allow his army freedom of action on the battlefield in order to show off his tactical nuclear capabilities. If this happens, NATO appears to be helpless in stopping the Russians.

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