The Media is Completely Misleading the World – here’s how

by Leah Rosenberg

The media cannot be trusted. They fuel the fire. They create issues. They mislead the public. And the problem is, too many people trust them.

Don’t Believe Everything from the Media

In a world where so much is on the internet, it is hard to filter information. So much information is flying all over, and it can be overwhelming. There is a lot of false information spread throughout the media. It is actually quite terrifying. Even seemingly trustworthy news networks and media sources mislead the public. They have an agenda they try to push. They want views. And they will do anything to get those views. It is a sad reality. We may not be able to change what the media spreads, but we can control what we believe. We can control our own search for the truth. We can choose not to believe everything that we come across – whether it be information, videos, or pictures.

What is happening in the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood is just one example of how the media fuels conflict. But there are many examples. And not even only in Israel! The media misleads the public about many other world situations – even with what is happening between Russia and Ukraine. There have been many misleading images, videos, and lies sweeping the internet.

We must all do our part to search for the truth; to not just believe everything we read and see. It is not easy, but the truth is worth it. The truth matters – if only more people cared.

Dr. Risch

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