The Truth About “Sheikh Jarrah”

by Micha Gefen

One of the fallacies of the most recent flare up between Gaza and Israel is that Israel sparked the conflict with potential evictions of Arab families living in what is today Sheikh Jarrah.

The narrative of Sheikh Jarrah is important for the “palestinian” cause, because after all the current successful penetration into the West of the “palestinian” movement is based partly on the trend towards intersectional causes. American youth want to back the “palestinians” because they view them as the poor occupied “indigenous” people. The Jews in America are primarily from European backgrounds and so in the left’s superficial and neo-marxist value system – Jews must be the occupiers.

The problem is that Sheikh Jarrah was originally Jewish – actually three Jewish neighborhoods existed there – the most prominent was and is Shimon HaTzaddik. The nearby small Arab village called Sheikh Jarrah cam after the Jews bought the land in and around the grave of Shimon Hatzaddik in the 1850s.

The entire issue of Shimon Hatzaddik or Sheikh Jarrah is simply about evicting the real occupiers. Who are they? They are Arab squatters that moved into Jewish homes there in 1948 and refuse to pay rent. Anywhere else in the world these squatters would be evicted.

The world is angry about Sheikh Jarrah, because the evictions when looked at honestly reveal the truth about who the real indigenous people is in the Holy Land – and no it is not the “palestinian” Arabs.

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