Will Iran’s presence in Syria force Israel into war?

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran’s presence in Syria should make everyone nervous. Israel has every right to demand that action be taken against Iran.

Iran’s Presence in Syria

Would you want the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism living in your backyard? Well, neither does Israel. Iran’s presence in Syria is a major threat to Syria, Israel, and the Middle East. Iran is helping Assad kill his own people. Syria wants Iran there – at least those in Syria who support terrorism do.

Israel has started to really step up its air strikes in Syria. They have no choice. They need to stop Iran’s proxies from attacking Israel. Will the international world step in? Do they even care? Sadly, the United Nations is not known to help Israel. In fact, they are not known to help at all. But Israel still has every right to demand that international action be taken to stop Iran from maintaining a permanent presence in Syria.

Israel does not want war. Israel just wants to live peacefully in its ancient homeland. But obviously, in today’s world, that does not seem possible yet. Israel wants to maintain secure borders without the need for confrontation with Iran or any other terrorist regime. The Jewish people try to use every other method before war. But tiny country will not let its borders and people be put in existential danger.

The question is, will anyone step in and help Israel stop terrorists? Where are the human rights activists? Do they not have a voice when it comes to helping the Jewish state and the Jewish people?

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