The jaw-dropping message of peace from the UAE that no one thought possible

by Leah Rosenberg

This is the ultimate message of peace. It is amazing to listen to. Moments like Israel making peace with the UAE are historic!

UAE Message of Peace

Does this not give you the chills? Listening to this message of peace and love from the United Arab Emirates is powerful. We are living in unprecedented times. We get to witness a connection between Arabs and Jews that some did not think would be possible.

What is so amazing is that this peace is not just on a government level. It is not just a matter of creating a peace deal for the benefit of the economy or anything else of the like. This is about peace between the two peoples as well. What is happening behind the scenes should be on national TV. The videos of the leaders signing the peace deals was amazing. And Emiratis and Israelis uniting is no less amazing. There have been songs, Israeli fruits and vegetables have been proudly displayed in the UAE markets, and social media is being flooded with love.

So yes, this peace deal matters. It makes a huge difference to Israelis, Emirates, the Middle East, and maybe even the world. President Trump deserves a lot of credit for helping bring about this peace deal (as well as many other deals). There are many who are too snobbish and disdainful to admit the truth about the good that President Trump has done, but we will admit it for them.

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