Why this Emirati businessman doesn’t want to do business with Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Peace deals between Israel and Arab countries means doing business with Israel. But is that all it means? Is that the goal?

Business with Israel or More?

Arabs are excited to do business with Israel. And Israelis are excited as well. But is that the goal of a peace deal? Or, is that the ONLY goal? Some feel that business comes after. Having a friendship comes first.

This Emirati businessman might want to do business with Israelis eventually, but he wants to first meet them. He wants their children to meet. He wants to develop a relationship before doing business. Because to him, the peace deals are about more than just the economy. The peace deals are about bettering the world and bringing more love to the world.

It is truly incredible to hear an Emirate say what this man said here. The peace that is happening between Israel and Arab countries is unprecedented.

Thank You, President Trump

President Trump deserves a lot of credit for bringing about peace between the Jewish state and so many Arab countries. Of course, G-d set everything into motion, and He is the ultimate one to thank. Without Him, peace cannot exist.

But G-d sent President Trump as His messenger to help bring about these peace deals. The world should recognize that. Even those who do not like Trump should appreciate all the good that he has done.

All sides of the political spectrum should approve of peace. Everyone should feel that peace is good. That is something black and white. But sadly, many people do not think Trump has done anything good in his presidency. No matter what he does, they think it’s bad.

What a shame. Because clearly, the Arabs are quite excited about peace!

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