THE PEACE PRESIDENT: Israel-Morocco Agree To Peace Deal

by David Mark

It is official. The Kingdom of Morocco has agreed to full normalization with Israel. In many ways, this was not much of a surprise other than the timing.

President Trump’s ideas behind peace is about first recognizing reality. This is why he moved the embassy to Jerusalem and then recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights as well as the legality of Israels claims to Judea and Samaria.

He has now applied the same formula to Morocco. The Kingdom never really had deep issues with Israel, but rather it used a peace deal with Israel as a bargaining chip to acquire US recognition over Morocco’s claims over Western Sahara.

I wrote the following over at Israel Rising:

This is how it has been with the Abraham Accords. President Trump got the parties to agree that peace is simply smart business. In today’s world, where leftists and liberals pretend to live a sort of faux righteousness, disregarding the harsh reality of the world, sometimes it takes commonsense and a bit of deal making to get a realistic peace deal done.

This sort of peace deal that recognized the reality of what is on the ground, flies in the face of the global elite and Deep State who use “peacemaking” to push their own agenda of divide and control. It is also proof of why they have been so hellbent on getting Trump out of office. With Biden back in, they can restart the wars that President Trump has been focused on ending.

Peace is important and real peace is getting the parties to recognize that working together is good for business and their citizens’ prosperity. That is President Trump’s genius. In a world where evil is bound up in the information that corporate interests attempt to push into our brains, it is refreshing to have someone, despite their demeanor, who recognizes that all people at the end want the same thing – safety, prosperity, and individual liberty.

Haaretz might be claiming this deal “not peace for peace but rather is occupation for occupation,” but once again they are the old left crying about how their false “utopian vision” never truly materialized and it is someone else who refused to get lured into the lies and misconceptions of this region who is simply getting the job done.

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