STALIN WOULD BE PROUD: Youtube Censors Anyone Questioning The Election

by Gavriel Dan

Youtube has announced that it will begin deleting videos that claim that Joe Biden won the election due to widespread fraud or irregularities. After January 20th it will take punitive actions on accounts that continue to do this.

Youtube’s decision to go full “Orwellian” has rightly angered millions of conservative viewers and have begun to chase rightwing creators off the platform to newer more open video platforms like Rumble. The irony of Youtube’s decision, according to Tim Pool, “Is that it will only help Donald Trump.” The main reason is, that it proves that the left and ruling class clearly are trying to hide something.

In all the years that the Democrats questioned the legitimacy of the 2016 elections, even pushing the now debunked Russian hoax that President Trump was a “Russian Asset” Youtube not only kept those videos up, but pushed them to the top of the video feed.

All of this calls into direct question Youtube’s real agenda, which appears more and more to be an arm of the corporate propaganda machine and CCP run China. The real purpose is to begin censoring opposition to the globalist and corporate run agenda.

Joseph Stalin would be proud.

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