The volunteers who have given homeless people a reason to live

by Leah Rosenberg

Giving someone a reason to live is an ultimate act of kindness. Reminding people that good DOES exist in the world. And in Israel.

A Reason to Live

No one wants to be homeless. The people who live on the streets did not plan for their lives to be that way. And during a pandemic, it is even worse. People might be more afraid to help and approach those who are homeless. And for the homeless people themselves, if they get sick, they might not have the proper care to help them recover. Some might even feel like they no longer have a reason to live.

But when volunteers who completely dedicate themselves to others and ask nothing in return come by, life can change. They may give people the confidence to start anew. They may just give them a feeling that good exists, and that might be all a person needs to know.

The Good in Israel

Back in April right before Passover started, there was a lockdown in Israel to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But for the homeless people, that meant less people would be able to pass by and help them.

What happened in this video would be beautiful no matter where in the world it took place. But the fact that it took place in Israel – people need to know. People need to know how Jewish people represent kindness and love. People need to know that Israel is a country where regular humans try to help others in completely unselfish ways. Are there struggles? Yes. Is everything perfect? Definitely not. But if the world was perfect, there would be no opportunities to help others.

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