The volunteers who are changing the lives of the lonely elderly during COVID-19

by Leah Rosenberg

When you think of COVID-19, you might think of those getting sick. What about those who are not getting sick but are forced to stay in their homes alone?

COVID-19 and Loneliness

This video really makes you think. People forget about the elderly who live alone. In a world without COVID-19, they would maybe visit with friends, take walks with others, and go to the grocery store. But in a world with Coronavirus, they are an at-risk population. They are isolated at home. Some no longer have their spouses, which means they are completely alone. COVID-19 not only harms people physically, but some who are not sick are being affected emotionally.

The volunteers who call these elderly literally change their entire day. The one call makes them feel cared for and not alone. Although the elderly cannot physically be with people right now, they have someone to talk to on a daily basis.

Hopefully soon this terrible disease will vanish from our world. But until then, these volunteers are truly bringing more light to the darkness.

It’s Not All Bad

It’s a story like this that has to be told as often as possible. With all that is going on in the world, with all the news headlines being negative instead of positive, everyone could use some optimism regarding Coronavirus and in general.

And this story also shows how one small, kind act can make a huge difference. It does not even have to be something so difficult. Let’s all spread a little more kindness. The world could use it.

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