Evangelical leader compares Bibi and Trump to Biblical leaders

by Phil Schneider

President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu get along quite well. They actually do not have that much in common in terms of temperament and methods of decision-making. But they do indeed have many opinions on the free market and on good and evil that work very well together. Laurie Cardoza-Moore has an interesting take on the subject. She compares Trump and Netanyahu to Caleb and Joshua, the two spies who stood up against the other 10 spies – all of whom went to “check out” the Land of Israel.

The truth is that the State of Israel has always stood against all odds in order to defend the Jewish people against those who have attacked her. Prime Minister Netanyahu is but one of the many Prime Ministers who has been forced to lead the Jewish people in the Land of Israel to defend itself against it’s detractors, opponents, and haters.

The State of Israel has been maligned not only by the many Arabs who came to the region for economic reasons. But even the minority of Arabs who actually have roots in the Land of Israel for a few hundred years, have largely worked against the founding of the State of Israel since before it’s inception. When the State of Israel became a reality, the attacks began immediately. They have never truly ended until now. The attacks come in big or small waves. But today, more and more of the Arab world has understood that the State of Israel is here to stay.

Of the many threats to the State of Israel today, one of them is the anti-Israeli attitude of so many in the European Union and the surging progressive wing of the Democratic party of the United States. These two forces hold much sway and probably will for the foreseeable future. Benjamin Netanyahu has led the country’s world diplomatic efforts well. He never allows the State of Israel to be beholden to policies of the United States, even when the President takes an anti-Israel stance. The Obama administration placed an enormous amount of pressure on the Israeli Prime Minister. But Netanyahu refused to back down in the face of threats from Iran. Netanyahu learned the lessons well from the Holocaust. When anti-Jewish dictators threaten to destroy the Jewish people – they mean it. And Israel must have the fortitude to stand up to the threats – with diplomacy, weapon deterrence, and any other means necessary. President Trump has been an ally – until now. Let’s hope that Laurie Cardoza-Moore is right in her optimistic assessment of the two leaders as they confront the battles ahead.

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