Google’s newest plan to create a network through Israel, Saudi Arabia

by Phil Schneider

Any financial cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia is a blessing. For many decades, Saudi Arabia was a bitter foe of the Jewish State. But times they are a changin. Saudi Arabia may not be the most modernized Arab country in the Middle East. But they don’t want to become another Iran. Iran’s quick rise to dominance via their nuclear threat and the appeasement policy of the Obama administration did fundamentally change the Middle East. It made some Arab countries realize that they cannot rely on the United States to reign in an aggressor like Iraq or Iran.

In September 1990, Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq overran Kuwait and took over it’s valuable oilfields. His next step was clear. He was on his way to take over Saudi Arabia. That would lead him to personally own way more than 50% of the Middle East oil fields that supplied enormous percentages of the world’s oil. George H. Bush did not take long to respond. He properly made it clear to Saddam Hussein that his aggression would not stand. It was just a question of whether Saddam Hussein would call George H. Bush’s bluff or not. Saddam Hussein refused to give in. For around 4 months, he kept arguing through his representatives that the United States was the aggressor and threatened to bomb Israel if the United States attacked. His idea was to engulf the Middle East in an all-out war in the United States attacked. He thought this threat would make the United States back down. But Bush did not hold back and the Persian Gulf War turned out to be one of the most successful wars ever fought. The United States destroyed most of the Iraqi Army and pushed them out of Kuwait. Saudi Arabia was no longer under threat.

The Obama administration would never do something as aggressive as the Bush administration. That made the Saudis realize that they have a more reliable ally in Israel against the Iranian threat than in the United States. But once a Trump administration came up with major economic reasons for normalization also, everything began to move more quickly. Many believe that it is just a matter of time until Saudi Arabia becomes the next Arab country to normalize economic relations with Israel. The Google business plan is one major step in the right direction.

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