What the IDF did in Hebron was caught and posted on Twitter

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you want to know the truth about the IDF? Do you want to know the way that they treat “Palestinian” children? Watch this.

The Truth about the IDF

If only the world saw this. If only the mainstream media showed the true face of the IDF. Israeli soldiers are humans. They are not barbaric. They do not go on killing sprees. This short video shows the interaction between an IDF soldier and some “Palestinian” children. There is no hate. There is no violence. The soldier is just kicking around a soccer ball. It may seem like something insignificant, but it shows something crucial: The IDF is not evil. They value life and do not hate the “Palestinian” people. All that Israel wants is to live peacefully in its historic and Biblical homeland.

Yes, the IDF can and must defend its people and country against terrorism. But that doesn’t mean that they are war machines or murderers. They are brave defenders who wish they didn’t have to fight.


Hebron gets a lot of negative media attention. It is portrayed as a place of violence and apartheid. But the truth about Hebron is that it is an ancient, Biblical Jewish area. And currently, the Jewish people only have control of 3% of it. Yes, 3%. The “Palestinians” control 97%. And who is not allowed onto the other side? The Jews are not allowed on the Arab side. That is the only apartheid taking place. Arabs are allowed in that 3% of Hebron that Jews have control of.

It is important to see that there are moments in this area that are not contentious. There are simple and peaceful moments like the one shown in this video. It shows what could be when violent Muslim extremists are not around to act violently.

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