Detroit Rep. threatened Trump supporters in disturbing video

by Leah Rosenberg

This is actually terrifying that a member of the House of Representatives would make a video like this. She’s not fit to represent America.

Video Threatening Trump supporters

There are truly no words for the video that Cynthia A. Johnson made threatening Trump supporters. How dare she claim to represent the American people and then make a video that contradicts all American values? Can she be a Democrat and have different views than Conservatives? Of course! America is built upon differences. But must she respect those who disagree with her? That should be a given. This video isn’t even about disrespect. This is way more than disrespect. She crossed every line. To actually threaten other Americans and call on “soldiers” to “make them pay” is criminal. It is shocking.

It is no wonder that BLM acts violently when Representatives call on them to do so. Johnson should not be allowed to be a representative for America and the American people. Threatening fellow Americans who are different than you is so, so wrong. And she should know better.

But apparently, she doesn’t. America deserves better than representatives who threaten them for having different views.

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