Mike Pompeo: “The Chinese Communist Party Is The Greatest Threat To The American People”

by David Mark

From covert intelligence operations to overt economic blackmail and strong arming, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) remains the most belligerent global actor.

President Trump came into office with a mandate to take on the growing threat posed by the CCP. Not only did Beijing use its influence in the US halls of power to steal millions of jobs from America, it was able to infiltrate into academia, media, and Wall Street.

The latest hack that began on government computer systems as far back as half a year ago, appears to be in part perpetrated by China. This hack is now believed to have been responsible for interfering in the 2020 elections.

Beyond cyber attacks and Chinese threats on America’s allies like Taiwan and Japan, the biggest threat the CCP poses for America, is economic. The CCP has penetrated deep into Africa and uses its Belt and Road Initiative to adversely affect local populations around the world while further cementing its control both politically and economically. China’s advance has been at the expense of American economic hegemony in many places across the developing world.

President Trump’s administration was able to break decades of appeasement by Washington, but if results hold, Joe Biden who appears to be coopted by China may ease up considerably on the CCP, returning the US-China (PRC) relation back to what it was during Obama’s time.

This would give the CCP further incentive to dismantle American sovereignty and hegemony across the world as well as an increased push back on US allies like Japan, India, and Taiwan. The CCP has gone out of its way to infiltrate and undermine American democracy and coopting its politicians, making it enemy number one for the average US citizen.

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