How Google is de-ranking all Conservative voices

by Leah Rosenberg

Google is trying to censor Conservative voices, and here is the proof. This is exactly how they do it so that you can’t easily search them.

Censoring Conservative Voices

We have seen proof of Twitter and Facebook censoring Conservative voices. But now take a look at how Google does it as well. It is so insane that it is hard to believe. Then you see the proof, and you are struck by a sense of fear. Fear that America is becoming a place where people cannot freely voice their opinions without being censored. Fear that the far Left is trying to turn America into a Marxist country that denies all the freedoms we have enjoyed instead of promoting them.

It has nothing to do with racism. Google censors these voices because they disagree with the politics they try to push. Google also de-ranks people like Candace Owens. She is a Black Conservative. If they truly felt like “Black Lives Mattered,” they would be promoting Owens not rejecting her. But she is another example of a Black Conservative that Google does not like.

People need to know the truth about Big Tech. It is not a joke. This is the future of America and freedom of speech we are talking about. The world must be allowed to search for information without the search engine being biased. If you described what was going on, one would think that it was happening in a Communist country. The founding fathers of America would be horrified by what is taking place today. It is so un-American.


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