White South Africans Afraid for Their Lives Thank President Trump

by Avi Abelow

White South Africans are making videos on Twitter and Youtube to thank President Trump for raising the issue of their dangerous plight in South Africa. Last week President Trump tweeted about the high number of killings of farmers in South Africa and ordered the US State Department to closely study the situation.

President Trump’s Tweet


The backlash against President Trump has been fierce. The South African government is extremely upset with President Trump for getting involved in internal South African “issues”. President Cyril Ramaphosa publicly stated “Trump, stay out of our issues, and we will not get involved in your issues in America.”

Some are saying that President Trump’s tweet about white land seizures and murders in South Africa is proof that he has been brainwashed about some right-wing conspiracy and that he does not know what he is talking about.

Yet, President Trump’s tweeting history actually proves that he is quite familiar with the deterioriating situation in South Africa and he has been vocal about it in the past. Way before he even began his run for President.

Back in 2013, then citizen Trump tweeted that the situatin in South Africa “was just waiting to explode”.

He then tweeted a vindication in his assessment

And then again, in 2015, citizen Trump tweeted “South Africa is a total and dangerous mess”.

Singing “Kill the White Farmers”

It seems that the reality on the ground in South Africa is more like President Trump’s understanding than the mainstream media lets us think. Just watch the following video of black South Africans singing this song. This is sick. This is actually a song that some black South Africans sing!

It is important to note, that not all black South Africans sing this song or believe in the message behind it. And not all white South Africans feel in danger.

In addition, nobody can deny the horrible discrimination that black South Africans experienced from white South Africans under the apartheid regime.

However, the horrible regime of apartheid, that is long gone in South Africa, should in no way excuse the horrible situation that this song represents today for some White South Africans.

More Videos from White South Africans

One Farm Murder Story in South Africa

How is this connected to Israel?

As my indigenous Indian friend Ryan Bellerose has written on Facebook, this is what happens when people are demonized. If society allows statements like “Israel is apartheid” and “Zionism is racism” to go unchecked, then people will treat Jews as many Black South Africans are today treating the white farmers. If society makes it ok to hate people, then people will act upon that hatred and society will allow it. Arab Muslim terrorists are always killing Jews and yet the world stands by silently, sometimes maybe giving lip service but nothing more.

Just as the whole world is silent as South Africa creates the legal basis to take farm land away from white South Africans it is not a far cry to see the world doing something similar to Israel.

Western Civilization is Guilting Itself into Self-Destruction – Voicing Opposition to Saving White Farmers in South Africa

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