British Muslim who converted to Christianity just went public about his beliefs

by Leah Rosenberg

When a British Muslim of Pakistani origin decided to go public about his belief in Christianity, he risked his life. His faith means more to him.

British Muslim Reveals his Christianity

A British Muslim decided to risk his life and expose himself to the public. What was he revealing? His Christian faith. He left Islam 28 years ago. He revealed himself knowing that his life would now be in danger. What a bold move this man made. But he obviously thought speaking out was important enough. That should grab the world’s attention. What is it that he thought was crucial enough to put himself in danger?

Why He Decided to Reveal Himself

This convert from the UK decided to expose himself to the public because he wants to “highlight the racist behavior and the Islamic ideology which led to the rapes of white girls across 78 towns in the UK.” He wants the world to know what Muslims are taught. He wants the world to know the way they are raised and the beliefs they hold.

Radical Muslims

Not all Muslims are radical. But there is a powerful presence of those who are. And because of this, the world needs to wake up and see their ideology. They need to see what radical Muslims are causing around the world, and now in Western countries as well.

Radical Muslims are spreading terrorism because no one is stopping them.

And this British convert to Christianity wants the world to know the truth about Muslims. He might not be able to stop radical Muslims on his own, but at least he is willing to risk his life to expose them.


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