What this Female Arab is doing in Israel would NEVER be allowed in an Arab country

by Chaya Cikk

WOW! An Arab female Doctor is now head of the Emergency room in a big Israeli hospital. This would never be allowed in an Arab country. But Israel is different. Doesn’t sound like it is an apartheid state, does it?

Female Arab

In many Arab countries, women are not treated like they are in other countries. Although things have improved for women over the past years many women still suffer. Many women go from their father’s house to their husband’s house and many do not choose their husbands, it is an arranged marriage.

Only recently, in 2018 were women allowed to start driving in Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest countries with an Arab majority. Furthermore, it is hard for women to study at university and find work afterward. Women traveling freely in Arab countries is also difficult. Many women can only travel with a male guardian.

Apartheid State

Everyone calls Israel an apartheid state but is it really? Have any of these people actually visited Israel recently? Seen how freely Arabs walk around Israeli cities? Such as Tel Aviv? Jerusalem? Do they know what percentage of students at Hebrew University are Arabs? Over 15%!

Additionally, walking into a hospital in Israel. Doctors are not only treating Jewish patients but also Arab patients. There are places over Israel that not only have signs written in Hebrew and English but also Arabic!

It is unsafe, there are even warning signs telling Israeli citizens not to enter certain areas that are controlled by the Palestinian Authority. If Israel is an apartheid state how did an Arab Doctor, Dr.Salameh make it to the head of the emergency room in Hadassah Mount Scopus! Finally, so when someone mentions Israel is an apartheid state ask them if they’ve ever actually been to Israel?

Congratulations to Dr. Salameh on her new position! Show the world what Israel is like!

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