When Bibi Netanyahu is warning you about anti-semitism, it’s time to pay attention…

by Phil Schneider

Anti-Semitism is not a hidden phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that is wide open in full view of anybody willing to listen to the promulgators of hate. But the problem is that so many normative people have a hard time believing that there are so many haters in the world. They have a hard time accepting that in the 21st century, people can still have primitive ideas that can endanger the entire societal structure due to racist views that have existed for centuries. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not one of these people. He understands well the lessons of history. His father, Professor Ben-Zion Netanyahu, was a prominent historian who taught his children well how precarious the situation of the Jewish people has always been. Therefore, the centrality of the State of Israel, and the understanding that a strong response to threats against it, are the keys to defending the Jewish people against it’s threats.

Today’s Anti-Semites

There used to be Communists who claimed that the Jewish people were the ones behind capitalism. There were capitalists who claimed that the Jewish people were behind Communism. In addition, there were atheists who stood against the Jewish people as the ones who spread religion to the world. The truth is that much of what all of these people claim is true. There were prominent Jewish communists, and there were prominent Jews who helped build up capitalist institutions. And, yes, the Jewish people, most definitely were the main source of monotheism in the world. The common denominator of all groups who oppose the Jewish people is there opposition to the Jewish people. Today’s anti-semites are no different. They come in all stripes of colors and for every reason under the sun. They come from the radical left, the radical right, from the Muslim faith, the Christian faith, and from the non-believers. If you are faced with one of these people, understand that they are driven by baseless hatred of the Jew – an emotion that goes back more than a millennia. The main thing to do is to listen, internalize, and make sure that you are not one of the people who ignores what they say. They mean it. We need to listen, internalize and defeat them.

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