Thanks to Israel, Star Wars is going to look like a scene from the past

by Phil Schneider

The threats of terrorism are many and varied. The isolated person who threatens to buses or uses his car as a weapon to mow down innocent bystanders is one of many threats. But the greatest threats are to a massive group of people. Whether it is a missile with dangerous explosives or an attack against an airplane, Israel is at the forefront of defense technologies to defend it’s people against these threats.

The World After 9/11

Until 9/11, it was easy to make the mistake and think that a few people would never engineer a massive attack on the mainland of the United States that would kill thousands of people. It was unfathomable. Today, it is clear to anyone who doesn’t bury their heads in the sand that this threat is a reality that must be dealt with. It is just as much a threat in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, or nearly any other place on the globe.

But special focus needs to be given to everything relating to flight. Flying is a basic aspect of life in today’s day and age. If we can’t travel freely and safely, then we can’t live freely. Business people will be hampered from accomplishing their goals, and commerce in general will be ground to a halt. Countries that earn a lot based on tourism will suffer dramatically. It is an absolute weak point of the world if there are not sufficient defense systems for flight. Elbit is at the forefront of all kinds of defense systems. They are a key to the fight against terror in the post 9/11 world.

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