The European Union is funding child abuse!

by Avi Abelow

It’s true. Maybe it’s hard to believe, but the European Union should be ashamed of themselves. Here is a kindergarten graduation at a school that THEY fund!

European Union – WAKE UP!

This is HIGHLY disturbing. The European Union funds UNRWA schools (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for “Palestine” Refugees in the Near East). These schools teach children to hate and murder. These schools teach violence. You can see that clearly in a kindergarten graduation! Can you imagine? The children are pretending to be terrorists kidnapping an Israeli soldier and civilian. What kind of organization would want to fund a school in Gaza that teachers children to become terrorists? The EU needs a major reality check.

Child Abuse

Gazan children are being abused. They are being stripped of a proper education; of a proper future. If they were educated with love, acceptance, and life instead of hate, terror, and death, maybe things would be different.

People claim they care about children. People claim they care about human rights. But where is the outrage when the EU is funding this type of child abuse? Where is the outrage when the EU is giving money so that children can learn to become terrorists?

Roe vs. Wade

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