What Jerusalem has become in just 51 years will leave you in wonder

by Michael Sax

It’s miraculous to see how Jerusalem has been transformed. While the invading Romans destroyed a lot of it, today the Jewish people are rebuilding their ancient city.

Romans try to destroy Israel

Three thousand years ago, King David ruled Israel. Jewish life thrived, and Jews built the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. Roughly a thousand years later, in 135 CE, the Romans invaded. They killed many Jews. In addition, they tried to separate the connection between Jews and Israel. The Romans renamed Jerusalem as Aelia Capitolina, and renamed Israel as Syria-Palestina.  The Romans tried to destroy the Jewish connection with Jerusalem and Israel, but they failed. Jews continued to yearn for Israel. Despite killing Jews and changing the name of Israel, the Jewish survivors always kept their thoughts on Israel.

Returning to Israel

It took two thousand years for the Jewish nation to return to Israel. In addition, it took about twenty years after that to return to Jerusalem and the Western Wall. Since then, the reunited Jerusalem has grown incredibly. The Jews developed neighborhoods, cleared garbage mounds left by the Jordanians, and built up a modern city.

Yet in a sick twist of irony, some of the ancient Roman threats are repeated today. Invading Arab armies still want to kill Jews, just like the invading Roman army. Furthermore, they want to wipe out the name “Israel” and replace it with a fictitious “palestine”, just like the Romans attempted to do so when they renamed Israel “Syria-Palestina.”

They can’t deceive us!

However, despite the lies, we will never forget Israel and Jerusalem. We know that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Israel is the Jewish homeland. It is the place that King David ruled way before the concept of “palestine” ever came into existence.

Today, more and more people are recognizing the truth. Countries are starting to move their embassies to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. The world is opening their eyes to the truth. People are starting to understand that archaeological discoveries prove that Jews have been living here for thousands of years.

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