Bibi Netanyahu slapped the United Nations with one big reality check

by Michael Sax

The United Nations wants the world to forget one basic truth. That is, Jews have been living in Israel for three thousand years before the United Nations ever even existed!

The basic truth is that the United Nations, leftists, and Muslims want to wipe out Israel

Three thousand years ago, King David ruled in Jerusalem. He was Jewish. The people living there were Jews. The Torah records this. Islam didn’t come to exist until two thousand years after King David. In fact, the Koran also states that Israel belongs to the Jews! Additionally, there is clear archaeological evidence that Jews have been living in Israel for thousands of years. This proof, “set in stone” so to say, is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is showing the United Nations. Will they blind themselves from this proof also?

The United Nations wants to wipe out the basic truth of Israel’s existence

The United United Nations repeatedly denies the fundamental connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. They flat out lie by distorting the Jewish connection to the Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. They fabricate a fake history for the city of Hebron. Yet anyone with a basic Biblical knowledge knows that Hebron was the city where Abraham lived and where the Jewish ancestors are buried. Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah are buried there.

Despite the den of lies, Prime Minister Netanyahu was fearless and spoke the truth. He showed them the historical evidence. It proves that Israel belongs to the Jews. It demonstrates that Jews have an unbreakable bond with Israel. The Jewish people have survived thousands of years. We survived pogroms and Nazis. We survived wars and Muslim terrorism. We will survive the United Nations lies also.

The United Nations is waking up to the basic truth. It will take time, but eventually they will acknowledge that Israel belongs to the Jewish people.

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