Fighting the power of “petro-Islam”

by Michael Sax

Radical Islam, the Islamic State and its threats are very real. America faces this threat, as do other counties. Yet the solution to Radical Islam may come from a surprising source – a reformed Islam.

Reformed Islam can counter theocratic radical Islam

This man is the son of Syrian immigrants and served in the US Navy for eleven years. After 9/11, he formed a group that wants to stop radical Islam. He knows that in modern times, we finally have a president that will name the enemy. And the enemy is radical Islam. This man has an interesting suggestion to solve the problem. And his solution is an ideological solution. It may be much more powerful that bullets. Because ideologies can literally change how an entire generation or group of people thinks. He hopes for a reformed Islam. An Islam that is not radicalized. An Islam that is not a theocracy. He want there to be a separation between mosque and state.

Can Reformed Islam actually happen?

Yes. There are some places where Muslims actually want to stop political Islam and stop radicalization. One example is the large amount of Iranian people. Another are the millions of Egyptians who protest in the streets against radical Islam. They reject Islamism. And so we see that reformation is important, however it will take time. Perhaps even a generation or two – until the ideas permeate to all of society and they decide to reject radical Islam. We need to get the imams out of power. The Muslim governments should believe in human rights for all people. This will be better for that society, and help reduce radical Islamic ideology. Separating mosque and state will be good for everyone. It will be especially good for non-Muslims who would otherwise have to suffer under radical Islamic rule.

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