What Big Tech did to steal the election from President Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

There are literally millions of people, not hundreds or even tens of thousands of people, but millions of people who are angry with Big Tech today. That means that we are living in a time when there will be a major shift in the direction of alternative media outlets. The shift will be in the millions. The main reason for the loss of confidence in the mass media and Big Tech is one person – Donald Trump.

For many people, use of the word conspiracy smacks of sounding like a crazy idea. But, the 2020 election will change that around. Now, people who are not even major Trump supporters observed an obvious media tilt against anything that supported the reelection of Donald Trump. Whether it was the negative press that was constant against Donald Trump or the softball questions thrown at Joe Biden, or the non-questioning of the Hunter Biden allegations, the biases were crystal clear. For additional information on exactly what Facebook did on this, watch Marc Zuckerberg’s testimony in the Senate after the 2020 election.

But there was another element in this election. Right wingers largely relied on Fox News to report a more balanced angle, with many commentators being outright pro-Trump supporters. But when Fox News joined other media outlets and announced Joe Biden as the President-elect, that raised many an eyebrow among many Trump supporters. They realized that even Fox News had seemingly made a major decision to not stand as a bulwark against the mass media barrage against Donald Trump. Millions of viewers began to flock to other media outlets to try them out. Will they leave Fox entirely? Probably not. But there are other media outlets that will gain enormously from this situation. Parlor is one of them. They have become the most downloaded application of late. People are looking for alternatives and Donald Trump has been the historical disrupter who has accomplished this.

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