Christian preacher ridiculously claims Jesus was a Palestinian

by Leah Rosenberg

Raphael Warnock is not only an antisemitic Christian preacher, but he is a candidate for US senator in Georgia. How dangerous this man is!

The Antisemitic Christian Preacher

Reverend Warnock is a Christian preacher who is running for the US Senate. And he is also a complete antisemite.

This is not the first time he has made such a ridiculous comment in attempt to try to cut the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. He has spread antisemitic libels again Israel.

And then he claims that he is a friend to Israel so that he can get the Jewish vote. It is truly sickening, and everyone needs to know the truth about this dangerous man.

Jesus was NOT a Palestinian

Listen, we can all have our own opinions. But when it comes to the facts, there is only one right answer. Facts are facts. Truth is truth. Jesus was a Jew.

And it is very possible and probable that Reverend Warnock knows that. But because he is an antisemite and he wants to bring down the Jewish state, he made an absurd remark that Jesus was a “Palestinian.”

If he claims he is a Christian preacher, he should probably know some more history and share the truth and not lies.

But he doesn’t care about the truth. And that is why he is willing to claim that Jesus was a “Palestinian.” He refuses to say that Jesus was a Jew from Judea. He refuses to admit that there is an ancient connection between the Jewish people and Israel.

Instead, Reverend Warnock sides with terrorists. He thinks that Gazans storming Israel’s border with knives are peaceful. He cannot be trusted. And we must make sure he does not win the senate seat!

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