The truth about the Georgia Democratic Senate candidate who claims he’s a friend to Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The Democratic Senate candidate for Georgia is spreading hate and lies about the Jewish state! And then he claims he is a friend? Repulsive!

The Democratic Senate Candidate

In Georgia, there are two elections for Senate. One Democratic Senate candidate, Reverend Rephael Warnock, is trying to paint himself as a friend of Israel by saying that he believes in Israel’s right to exist. But how far that is from the truth! It is horrifying that people actually believe him.

This two minute speech makes it clear what his views on Israel are. He’s running against a Republican TRUE friend of Israel. We need to all share this video so people can see what he feels about Israel and get out the vote for his opponent!

Warnock Defends Terrorists

Aside from the fact that Warnock claims to be a friend to Israel and is truly not, he also defends terrorists – as you can hear in this speech. He says that violent rioters storming Israel’s borders with knives are “peaceful.” Warnock foolishly says that the “peaceful” protesters throwing grenades into Israel are just standing up for what they believe in. How false he is. How wrong.

He spoke about how it’s wrong to shoot down G-d’s children. Does he not think it’s wrong that “Palestinian” terrorists kill innocent Israeli men, women, and children whenever they can? That they go into houses, stores, and restaurants and stab, blow up, and shoot at people?

And Warnock claims he is a “friend” of Israel? That is sick.

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