“Peaceful” Gaza Rioters Throw Grenades into Israel. Alleged Female Medic Killed by IDF Fire

by Avi Abelow

After Hamas failed to harm Israel shooting 160 rockets, they returned to mass violence at the Gaza border to generate world sympathy for their “peaceful” rioters. Hamas is 100% responsible for the alleged female medic getting shot and killed on the Gaza border.

“Peaceful” Gaza rioters throwing grenades into Israel

Rioter or Medic Killed?

The Gaza Ministry of Health claims that 21-year-old Razan Ashraf al-Najjar, from the town of Khuzaa near Khan Yunis, was shot in the stomach while providing first aid to wounded demonstrators near the fence on Friday evening.

Al-Najjar is the second woman and second medic to have been killed by IDF fire.

The IDF responded by saying that it is “constantly working to draw operational lessons to reduce the number of casualties” along the border fence. And that it has repeatedly warned citizens not to approach the fence and take part in the violent demonstrations. Hamas “unfortunately methodically places young children and women on the front lines of violent disturbances to act as human shields for the realization of Hamas’s goals.”

Even though Israel does everything in its power to be careful when protecting our border, the IDF has begun an investigation into Razan’s shooting.

Hamas Uses Ambulances and Medics to Protect Terrorists

They have a reputation for using ambulances and medics as shields for aiding terrorists.

Here is a video showing a UN ambulance being used to help protect and transfer terrorists.

In the following video from yesterday’s violence at the Gaza border fence, one of the people damaging the fence looks like a medic in a white coat.


The work of the IDF is super hard. They have a responsibility to protect the border fence so that no terrorists infiltrate Israel to then harm Israelis. At the same time, they try to only shoot when they have to.  A commander approves every shot first.  Do mistakes happen? For sure mistakes might happen. Was Razan working as a medic or a human shield? We still don’t know. Regardless, Hamas are the ones responsible for sending women and children to the front lines as human shields for terrorists.  Is the IDF responsible for the “peaceful” riots at the border?   Obviously not.  The Hamas decision to storm the border and try to wreak havoc in Israel is the problem.  Riot control works to a limit.  The Hamas is attacking Israel with mass crowds, missiles and yes – medics.  Even medics get killed in battles.  The IDF and any other force has a hard time differentiating medics from the violent rioters.

More Violence

Earlier today, IDF troops thwarted an attempt to damage security infrastructure in Israel along the Gaza border. After identifying an infiltration of a terror cell into Israel from the S Gaza Strip, IDF troops fired towards the suspects, who returned to the Strip

How do you Respond to People who say the Gaza Rioters are “Peaceful”?

Arab Incitement
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