President Trump about to Make Decision about Jerusalem with Bigger Impact than US Embassy Move

by Avi Abelow

Currently, the US Jerusalem consulate is an anti-Israel office that is under the direct control of the State Department and NOT the White House. AP is reporting that this might come to an end.

To understand the current, and horrible state, of the US Jerusalem Consulate, listen to what journalist Caroline Glick has to say.

Trump’s Decision

5 US officials, as reported by the AP, claim President Trump is considering a plan to move the Jerusalem consulate under the authority of the Embassy and the ambassador’s control. The impact would mean finally giving the US Ambassador to Israel authority over ties with the Palestinian Authority. This will make a huge impact.


As Caroline Glick details, the Jeruslame Consulate today is the mirror image of the PLO’s (Palestinian Liberation Organization) offices in Washington, Europe, South Africa and around the world. Those offices run the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, sanctions movement.

How is this Possible?

Today the US Jerusalem consulate is not under the authority of the US Embassy or the White House. It is an anomaly that hardly exists in any other country in the world. The US Embassy, and the Ambassador report back to the White House. The US Jerusalem Consulate, however, reports directly to the State Department, and NOT to the Ambassador or the White House.

The Jerusalem Consulate is in charge of relations with the Palestinian Authority. This has allowed the State Department to run its own independent policy vis-a-vis the Palestinian Authority. This undercuts the White House and the policies of the President.

Basically, the US State Department has allowed the Jerusalem Consulate to be this mirror image PLO office.  It services the Palestinian Authority and not the American people and the interests of the USA-Israel relationship.

Big Impact

The leak of this upcoming decision is huge. When President Trump makes this final decision, it will have a huge impact on the future.

Today, the independence of the Jerusalem consulate is seen by the Palestinian Authority as an implicit sign of US support for the eventual establishment of Palestinian statehood and the partition of Jerusalem.

When implemented, the State Department will finally have to deal with Israel in line with standard diplomatic practice by the State Department. As they act in all other countries around the world. The independent State Department policy in Israel will finally be brought to an end.

Impact on Palestinian Authority

While the president has not yet ruled on Friedman’s request, the sources told AP that they expect the embassy to be eventually given authority over the consulate.

David Shapiro, who served as US Ambassador to Israel during most of the Obama administration, counseled against the move. He claims it would further enrage the Palestinian Authority.

“They don’t want to deal with the U.S. embassy to Israel as their channel,” said Shapiro.

New Sheriff in Town

Thankfully, President Trump thinks about what is best for America first. Not what is best for entities that incite people to terror and pay terrorists and their families. Another sign that the Palestinian Authority is on notice.

This decision will be a further implementation of peace by strength. This will be a firm signal to the State Department that a new sheriff is in town. A sign that the State Department diplomacy of appeasement is coming to end.

To further understand the danger of the Jerusalem Consulate remaining under control of the State Department and not the White House don’t miss this video with journalist Caroline Glick.

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