The golden treasure discovered while building an elevator by the Western Wall

by Phil Schneider

Jerusalem is a city that sits above the history of thousands of years of kingdoms. More than 3,000 years ago, the Jebusites sat in the area that is now called Jerusalem’s Old City. King David purchased the area from them with cash. Then, his son, King Solomon, built the Temple and extended the city and the kingdom.

The Jewish Temple stood for more than 400 years until the Babylonians destroyed it. This was more than 300 years B.C.E. 70 years later, Nehemiah rebuilt the Temple, and once again, it stood for more than 400 years. It would ultimately be destroyed by the Roman Empire. Then, the Jewish people were largely dispersed from the Land of Israel. The Roman Era was followed by the Byzantine Era, and then the Muslim Era in the Land of Israel. For approximately 1,000 years, the Jewish people were a dwindling minority in the Land of Israel, but they always persisted in maintaining a presence, and always yearned to return.

The coins that were unearthed were from 1,000 years ago, a time when there were perhaps less Jews in the Land of Israel than at any other time. The Crusader Era that followed was another low point for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. World Jewry in Europe also suffered very much in the years of 1,000 to 1,500. Expulsions and all kinds of other religious persecutions were the norm. But the Jewish people persisted and prayed to return. Today, the Jewish people live all throughout the Land of Israel and archaeological digs are unearthing the rich history that proves time and again that our history books indeed are accurate. The Jewish bond to the Land of Israel is unprecedented and unmatched by any other culture. Today, once can hold it in their own hands.

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