The power of remembering when everyone else forgets

by Leah Rosenberg

Remembering is crucial to keeping history alive. On a national level, it is especially important to remember those who have given everything.

Remembering so we Don’t Forget

What a powerful video. It is so important to remember those who gave their lives (whether physically or emotionally) to serve their country. We get so distracted. We so easily forget. We live in a world where technology makes us lose touch with reality and what matters. This video portrayed that in such an effective way.

The least we can do is remember. The least we can do is honor the memory of those soldiers who gave it all so we can live lives of freedom.

Do we not have a few moments to do that? Do we not have the focus to just disconnect? Does no one care anymore?

The memory of those who gave their lives in WWI are yelling to be heard. They are screaming to be remembered. This video is beyond inspiring. It truly shows the stark difference between those who remember and those who do not. Those who take the time to remember see the memory of the war veterans. And those who do not take that moment look right past those memories; those faces.

And it’s really a message for everything. When we are so caught up that we forget to disconnect, our memories fade. When we fail to remember history, history seems to fade. Once something happens, our memories are all we have. But that can mean everything.

Motivation for Terror
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