Grassroots Pressure Begins To Push Back On Biden Certification

by Micha Gefen

This week, the 2020 US elections will begin to see significant events push back on the narrative that Biden is th “president-elect.”

While much of corporatist MSM is focused on the veracity of President Trump’s fraud claims, the real steal possibly was through elected officials issuing directives to harvest and cure ballots as well as counting ballots that came in post-election day in contravention of the Constitution.

Sebastion Gorka lays out Trump’s potential path to victory, which is to place pressure on state legislatures to refrain from certifying election results in the states with potential fraud-influenced results.

Will this work? If Dominion Sofware shows more “glitches” in Michigan, then state reps will have no choice but to decertify the election – thus once again propelling Trump to the White House.

Of course the MSM wants us to believe there is nothing going on.

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