Terrorists in Gaza fire rockets at southern and central Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you imagine living under the potential threat of rockets? Being woken up to a blaring red alert siren screaming at you to take shelter?

Rockets from Gaza

Is the international media discussing how Israelis had to take cover from rockets that were sent from “Palestinian” terrorists in Gaza? Are they letting you know the reality that Israelis face too often? Even facing this frightening reality one time is too often. But it has been far, far worse than that.

It was just the anniversary of the killing of a “Palestinian” Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Ata. Although the rockets ended up striking open areas, that was not the intention of the terrorists. That was just a miracle from G-d.

The two rockets that were fired struck along the coast, one landing near the city of Ashdod and the other south of Tel Aviv on Palmachim Beach. No significant injuries and damage were reported.

When rockets are headed toward open, unpopulated areas, the IDF soldiers manning the Iron Dome do not launch the defense system. But that does not make the sin of terrorism any less grievous.

It is time the world stood WITH Israel against terrorism and not against Israel.

Motivation for Terror
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