What Shabbat and Torah study have the power to accomplish

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not always easy to stop and disconnect to connect. But Shabbat and Torah study give that opportunity to focus on what matters.

Shabbat and Torah Study

This song is about Shabbat. But the music video also focuses on Torah study and connecting to others and G-d. Spiritual and emotional health is extremely important. Many people only focus on physical health, but even during this Coronavirus pandemic, it is clear that people have suffered emotionally as well. This video shows the financial, physical, and emotional burdens of COVID-19. Businesses have suffered. Parents struggle having their children home while trying to work. People have watched their loved ones get sick.

But what helped each of the people in this video was connection – the connection to others, Torah study, and Shabbat. That connection does not make life’s problems disappear. But it DOES help with the ability to manage the problems and overcome the struggles.

Humans cannot survive with connection. It is a basic necessity. It feeds the soul and our emotional, mental, and spiritual health just like food feeds our physical selves.

The Words in English

Here are the beautiful words to this song translated into English:

The day of redemption is near,
The day of Shabbos, treat it with care.
You’ll be My special treasure.
Rest and taste Divine pleasure.
Then you’ll live in My presence
Realize My hidden Essence.
Holy Shabbos.
Shabbos, today for Hashem, a day for Hashem.

May we all merit true connection to G-d and others!

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