WATCH: IDF Lays Waste To Jabaliya In Gaza

by Micha Gefen

The Israeli Air Force struck more than 80 targets belonging to terror groups in the Gaza Strip over the past day.

The targets included weapon depots, rocket launchers, and buildings used to attack troops, along with cells of gunmen.The strikes come as IDF ground troops operate across the Gaza Strip.

In Jabaliya in the Strip’s north, the IDF says the 98th Division have been raiding Hamas sites, locating weapons, and killing gunmen in close-quarters combat and by directing airstrikes.

In southern Gaza’s Rafah, troops of the 162nd Division are operating in the eastern part of the city. The IDF says one recent airstrike in Rafah amid the battles took out a Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander along with three other operatives.

In central Gaza, the 99th Division continues to hold the Netzarim Corridor. Several buildings used by terror groups to store weapons were shelled by tanks in the area.

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